This week we did a greek god project and I got Zeus. I learned that Zeus was the ruler of all which is something that everybody knows.I also learned that when Zeus was born his father Cronus was intending on eating him as he had done with Zeus’s older siblings,see Cronus was afraid that his children was one day going to overthrow him and the other Titans, and ways Zeus mother gave Cronus a rock in place of Zeus and she hid Zeus until he was old enough to fight his father, so when Zeus was in his teenage years, by the help of his siblings and his mother he overthrew the titans and he the reign of the olympian gods began.¬†

Sports are good for your health


Why is sports good for your health?? Well sports are healthy because it helps kids ¬†stay active. It also keeps everyday stress off kids. As a softball player I know that throwing a softball or hitting a softball helps me relieve stress and anger that I accumulate through the day. It’s a very good way to get the stress off my back, and maybe it could help you, also.

About Me!!!!!

Hello my name is Cameron. I’m a freshman at Howe high school in Oklahoma, and also live in Howe. I live on a farm with 3 chicken houses, 400 to 800 head of cattle, and 7 dogs. I’m a typical country girl; I love hunting, and fishing (especially with my friends) and I play sports constantly. I play softball and basketball, and I love every minute of it. I love OU Sooners football, and OKC Thunder Basketball. I’m the type of girl that gets emotionally attached to what happens to my teams NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! I’m also a Christian, you could pretty much say I’m a Jesus Freak!!! I <3 my life and I’m living it to the fullest!!